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The NZB files downloaded from this service are autogenerated by identifying similar subject lines, posted by the same author, found when scanning usenet newsgroups. This is not a 100% infallible method and may generate a corrupt NZB file that do not produce the desirable binary content. The services provided by NZBKing are "as is" with no express or implied warranty for accuracy or accessibility. Errors may occur. NZBKing accepts no responsibility or liability for any incorrect material.

Intellectual property

Notice that this service is only providing indexing of files that have been posted on Usenet and no files can be downloaded from this service. It is not technically possible to identify whether the content of the files, that are being indexed, correspond to the description in the subject, nor is it possible to determine if a file contains copyrighted material. If you identify a post that you think infringe on your Intellectual Property then please send us a mail with the following information: 1) Your name, 2) Your postal address, 3) Your telephone number, 4) Your email address, 5) Newsgroups containing the file, 6) Message-ID's, 7) A description of why you think the file(s) infringe on your Intellectual Property. We will then filter out the file(s) from subsequent searches.