What is Usenet

Usenet is a worldwide network of computers, exchanging messages- or articles. These articles are organized into topic-specific newsgroups. Messages that are sent to one of the computers in the network will automatically be distributed throughout the network and can thereafter be read from any of the other computers in the network. There are over 100,000 newsgroups, some of which are primarily used for sharing binary content, such as pictures, video and audio. A binary posting is typically split into several segments and encoded as text, each containing a slice of the original. You need to know the identity of each segment and in which order to combine them to download the original binary content. A binary post can be split into thousands of segments. Luckily a special file-format, NZB, exists, that can keep track of the segments. You need a NZB compatible newsreader to read NZB-files and to download binary content from Usenet.

What is NZBKing

NZBKing is continuously scanning binary groups for new content and automatically grouping messages using a pattern-matching algorithm on subject-lines to identify the binary posts. An indexing engine then keeps track of these postings and this web-service provides searching- and browsing capabilities. Once you have found the binary content you are looking for you can mark the posting and download an NZB-file than instructs your newsreader how to download the files. NZBKing has been reviewed by Usenet Reviewz.


We are currently indexing 3568 usenet groups, containing 101174712 NZB's.